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Serve These 4 West African Appetizers at Your Next Party

1. Akara

Originally from Nigeria, Akara is a type of fritter that is enjoyed in many West African countries, as well as in Brazil and the Caribbean.

This popular food has a rich history dating all the way back to 1886. After the abolition of slavery in colonial Africa, people were free to start businesses providing their communities with this crispy, fast food. The food became so popular that it is still enjoyed to this day!

In Brazil, it is called acaraje and has sacred origins. To say that Brazil adores this food would be an understatement. This fluffy, crunchy treat was made into an official symbol of national Brazilian heritage in 2004!

These delicious bean-based fritters can be found in many varieties all across the world, and are sure to be a culinary delight anywhere they are served.

Visit the knowledgeable team at international food blog 196 Flavors to learn more about the history behind Akara and get the recipe.

2. Jamaican Scotch Eggs

Did you know: “Scotching” is the technique of hacking meat until it is tenderized and almost minced.

Scotch Eggs have been enjoyed for hundreds of years, in many distinguished and delicious variations across the globe.

We recommend chef and blogger Ke of Ke’s Cook Island Cameroon Scotch Eggs or try our Jamaican inspired version for an elegant treat!

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3. Peri Peri Chicken Skewers

This wonderful smelling, slightly spicy, and easy to prepare dish only takes three ingredients (if you prepare your sauce ahead of time).

If you are a vegetarian, Peri Peri sauce is a bright and spicy sauce that can also be used to marinate potatoes and veggies. Mix it with yogurt to make a delicious dip, or combine with water for a kicking salad.

Here is a recipe we adapted from Whisk Affair, a trusted recipe source for Indian and International recipes. Visit their inspiring blog and enjoy these amazing skewers.

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4. African Meatballs

Who doesn’t love meatballs at a party? Keep them in the crockpot, let them get nice and gooey, then stick a toothpick in em! Delicious! These can be eaten with rice or bread, as a meal on their own, or served as a tasty appetizer at your next get together.

Grab the recipe from one of our favorite sources for great African food recipes, Precious Core!

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