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High quality yams shipped right to your door!

The word yam is an adaptation of the African word “nyami”, which means “to eat”. The first uses of the word come from the records of the Spanish and Portuguese traders who visited the African coast in the 1580’s.

We have 10lbs (approximately 2-3 yams) in stock and ready to ship immediately!

How much does a Yam weigh?

When ordering yams, 1 yam tuber is approximately 3-5 pounds in weight. So, for example, if you are ordering 10 lbs of yams, you will be receiving 2 or 3 tubers depending on size. Because all yams vary in size and shape, the actual order weight and number of yams listed below is approximate but you will always be guaranteed the weight you purchased.

Please Note:
Unless noted as in-stock, yams will be shipped approximately 2 weeks from your order date - and will be shipped separately from other items in your order.

We will contact you prior to placing your order to confirm availability and the expected shipping date.

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